Abbey United Reformed Church, Romsey

This week's Order of Service

22 May 2022, 10.30 am Morning service led by Revd Mike Perrott

Call to worship

Opening prayer (we pray together):
God of light and life, you see all our problems and our pains: help us to open our hearts and minds to you, to receive your healing and forgiveness, and to learn how we can bring hope and healing to others.  Amen

Hymn: 293 Ye servants of God, your master proclaim

Prayers & Offertory Prayer including:
As we gather in this place of prayer, we bring you our anxiety: open our minds to receive your peace.
We bring you our longing: open our ears to hear your word. We bring you our wounds: open our hearts to receive your healing. We bring you our future: open our lives to hear your call.

Loving God, as we gather in this our place of prayer and worship, we pray for those gathered in their special places, wherever they are in the world – in ones and twos, tens and twenties, or hundreds. May our praise and our prayers overspill into the streets and the cities, the fields and the lanes, so that a continual chorus of thanksgiving will echo in every corner of the earth, and your name be exulted in all the world.

God of all creation, we thank you that your world is bigger than our world; that your words are wiser than our words, your love is deeper than our love, your plans more adventurous than our plans. Enlarge our vision, inform our speaking, enrich our relationships and use us in your service; that the good news of your love may not be confined by boundaries of fear or complacency. In Jesus’ name we pray.

We pray the Lord’s Prayer together

Hymn: 386 I will enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart (one verse sung 3 times)

We share the Grace

Gospel reading: Revelation 21:10; 21:22 - 22:5 read by Reg Powell

Music item from Kirsty

A reading from the Revelations of Julian of Norwich: All things shall be well read by Revd Mike

Hymn: 90 O Lord all the world belongs to you

Reflection summary
Our verses from Revelation today are John’s vision of hope and healing for the world.  Written for Christians facing extreme persecution, the powerful imagery encouraged them to hang on to the promise that, in the end, light will triumph over darkness, hope over despair, and all people, nations – and indeed all of creation – will be healed and made whole.

Hymn: 620 For the healing of the nations

Intercessions (response in bold):

God of all life and all goodness, we entrust to you those places where all is not well – places where there is deep seated hatred and mistrust.

We pray especially for Jerusalem; for the leaders and people of Israel and Palestine; and for all places where lives have been lost to, and are threatened by, the brutality of prejudice. We pray for Ukraine and all countries being bombed and destroyed because of the ideology of other powers and leaders; for all prisoners and casualties of war. Where all is not well, Lord Jesus, please bring hope, bring healing, we pray.

We pray for all those who are victimised for their ethnicity, their religion; for those imprisoned for speaking out and protesting against corruption – in Russia, in Belarus, in Myanmar, in Hong Kong. We pray for the countries of NATO, and for those applying to join; for all who speak out for peace and justice: for all who work behind the scenes to bring reconciliation, stability and restraint. Where all is not well, Lord Jesus, please bring hope, bring healing, we pray.

We pray for those places where lives are being lost to extreme temperatures, to floods and to drought, especially in India, Australia, across East Africa. We pray for places where children are starving especially in Afghanistan, Yemen, Ethiopia; we pray too for the hungry children of our own nation. Where all is not well, Lord Jesus, please bring hope, bring healing, we pray.

We pray for all hospitals, workplaces, schools and homes; for those under huge pressures; for those who have no job security; for those who are bullied;
for those who suffer behind closed doors. Where all is not well, Lord Jesus, please bring hope, bring healing, we pray.

We pray for those in the news, whose lives are playing out before the eyes of the world; we pray for journalists to be protected, for truth to be upheld, for integrity to be the mark of all in public office and positions of influence.  We pray for Councillor Neil Gwynne, the new Mayor of Romsey, and all the elected Councillors. Where all is not well, Lord Jesus, please bring hope, bring healing, we pray.

We pray for our church and the communities we serve; we pray for one another, for our families, for our neighbours, our friends, for all who today feel sad, frightened or alone.

Silent prayer for the world, the church and for those known to us, those we are concerned about and those with whom we celebrate.

Where all is not well, Lord Jesus, please bring hope, bring healing, we pray. Amen.

Hymn: 657 Rejoice the Lord is King

Closing Prayer, we pray together:
Glorious God, you shine your light into the dark places of our lives and of our world. Gentle God, you touch us with your healing love and make us whole. We ask you to be with us and shine through us this week and use us to bring hope and healing to others.

The Blessing


  • Saturday 21 May

    9am–2pm Christian Aid book stall in the Cornmarket

    10am–12noon Church open for quiet reflection

    Sunday 22 May 

    10.30 am Morning Worship led by Revd Mike Perrott

    Wednesday 25 May

    2.30pm Table Tennis in Abbey Hall

    Saturday 28 May

    10am-3pm Church open for the ‘Royals in Romsey’ photo exhibition

    Sunday, 29 May

    10.30am Songs of Praise service, including dedication of organ

    Ian and Margaret would like to invite you to join them after this service for cakes and bubbly.  Everyone is welcome.


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